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17 Energy Efficient Solar Home Plans
600-1100 square feet

Many, many years ago (possibly in the 70s) I found a book at a library on small, solar home plans that was way ahead of its time.  It was filled with many small solar homes that consisted of trombe-type walls, sunspaces and such for heat gathering, storing and releasing when it got cold and unusually thick exterior walls as well.   These homes were small, but not nearly as small as the new 'tiny' homes so many are building today.  I have searched for this book on and off for years to no avail.   No idea who wrote it but I believe it may have been from Europe.  Fortunately I did copy 17 of the plans and have kept them to this day.  They vary from about 600 square feet to 1100 square feet.  These may interest those who really like the idea of the new Tiny Houses, but just do not want to go that small!  Even better is that these homes are built to conserve energy so far as heating and cooling goes.  We will call these the In-Between Houses.  SMART In-Between Houses!

You will note the exterior walls are very thick in all these plans.  The darkest grids are of the sunspaces.  The grainy walls are the thick walls built to collect and store heat--and release that heat when it gets cold.  There are single rows of circles in some of them which are also solar collectors--typically water filled.   That is how dated these plans are!   I left the wording on the pages even though many pages are missing so beginnings and ends of some paragraphs are also missing.  However some of what is said can help you understand the good points of each house.  Thought these plans just might inspire you to consider a Smart In-Between House! 


Approximately Smallest to Largest
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Plan 91
Approximately 600 sq ft, not including sun space

Plan 89
Approximately 620 sq ft

Plan 99
Approximately 630 sq ft, not including sun space

Plan 81
Approximately 640 sq ft, not including storage areas

Plan 95
Approximately 640 sq ft, not including sun space

Plan 101
Approximately 650 sq ft, not including sun space

Plan 83
Approximately 750 sq ft, not including garage space

Plan 73
Approximately 800 sq ft, not including sun space

Plan 115
Approximately 800 sq ft, not including sun space

Plan 107
Approximately 830 sq ft, no including open space

Plan 105
Approximately 875 sq ft, not including open area

Plan 113
Approximately 885 sq ft, not including sun space

Plan 109
Approximately 920 sq ft, not including patio areas

Plan 119
Approximately 940 sq ft, not including sun space

Plan 111
Approximately 950 sq ft

Plan 133
Approximately 1055 sq ft, not including garage, sun space, deck

Plan 123
Approximately 1100+ sq ft, not including sun space, attic space

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